Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Where does VFSC skate? When?

The VFSC skates at two area ice rinks. The Appleton Family Ice Center in Appleton is our sanctioned primary home ice rink, where we contract ice year round. Our alternate ice rink is Tri-County Ice Arena in Neenah, WI (closes in Spring/Summer).

Check our Directions page for a map to both locations.

Why should I join Valley Figure Skating Club?


VFSC offers a fun environment for your skater to grow personally, while building great appreciation for the sport watching and learning with like-minded peers. Skating can be a very personal/ private sport, but the common goal of ‘personal achievement’ can be very contagious through Club spirit and involvement!


The decision to join VFSC and/or start one-on-one lessons can depend on many variables, including the skater’s attitude, desire, concentration and frequency of skating. If your skater answers yes to the majority of following statements, it’s probably time to join VFSC:

  • Has passed Basic Skills Level 6
  • Wishes to ‘just skate more’ with other dedicated figure skaters
  • Wants to work privately with a dedicated coach
  • Desires to compete, test and/or perform on ice

Complete information on joining VFSC can be found on our Membership page.

What should I think about when joining?

  • What are my skater’s goals?
  • How often can my child skate? (Are the available ice times feasible for our schedule?)
  • How much can we budget toward the whole skating experience (e.g. for equipment, costumes, coaches fees, club fees, competition fees etc.)
  • What do I want to get out of this experience for myself, and my skater?
  • Can I help make it a better experience for everyone by getting involved, being on the board, and/or volunteering?

How do I pick a coach to work with?

You can call any of the coaches on our list to see if they are accepting new students at any time. Suggestions of what to ask a prospective Coach:

  • What are your goals for teaching?
  • What is your hourly rate?
  • How is payment made?
  • How do you handle cancellation of lessons?
  • How often would my skater need lessons?
  • What is your skating/teaching experience?
  • What skating/teaching credentials do you have (e.g., are you qualified to take my skater to Regionals, if need be)?
  • How many skaters do you work with, and do you share any expenses accordingly?