Rules of Conduct, Etiquette, and Procedures

The following rules and procedures were adopted by the VFSC Board of Directors to promote an atmosphere conducive to training as well as allow for the safety of each skater. The rules must be followed by both skaters and pros in order to be effective.


Code of Conduct 2021-2022

  1. All ice monitors and pros are authorized to determine admission, monitor conduct on the ice and enforce rules.
  2. Skaters must sign in BEFORE they get on the ice and between contiguous sessions. If a skater is not checked in within ten (10) minutes after the session begins, their slot may be resold to another skater.
  3. Admission to be determined in the following order: 
    1. Contracted skaters who have signed in. 
    2. Club members on a first come, first served basis. 
    3. All other skaters on a first come, first served basis. Walk-on skaters must pay for the session before stepping onto the ice.
    4. (Note: If a club member forgets to sign in, and there are more than 22 skaters on the ice, the skater that did not sign into the book will be asked to get off the ice, regardless of whether or not they are contracted.)
    6. For skaters not contracted, they must record the time that they arrive at the rink upon signing in.
  4. Skaters may be removed from the ice for any of the following: 
    • Intentionally damaging the surface of the ice. 
    • Consistent lack of consideration for other skaters. 
    • Offensive, abusive or profane language. 
    • Wild or rough skating. 
    • Disrespectful actions towards pros, ice monitors, other skaters or arena personnel.
  5. Consumption of food/snacks/beverages on ice or near boards is prohibited. The only exception is water bottles. These must be kept in the hockey boxes away from the ice surface. Keep all personal items, such as tissue boxes, notebooks, music, and apparel clear of ice surfaces and/or access areas for the safety of all. Remove them after each session.
  6. Be considerate in the use of the ice. Practicing a program is critical to skating development; therefore, all pros and skaters should be aware of who has the right of way. Anyone, including pros, who ignore these rules and procedures will first receive a warning and then be suspended from the session. Consideration for right of way on the ice is as follows: 
    1. Skaters doing their program to music (wear blaze orange belt)
    2. Skaters having lessons
    3. Skaters in the harness

With regard to pro calls, the following policy applies:

  • Coaches can get one pro call per coach per session. Dance coaches get four pro calls per session.
  • Pro calls cannot bump a skater who is in a lesson.
  • One pro call is allowed between each skater in line. Therefore, a skater cannot get bumped by more than one pro call.
  • After a pro call, that CD must go to the end of the line.
  • Dance partners for test session practices will get one pro call for each student.

Additional important safety rules:

  1. Avoid congregating on the ice during ice time; this is a hazard to all skaters. Step off the ice for discussion of instruction, re-tying of skates, chatting, etc.
  2. Pros should instruct from the board area. Exception is teaching a new program or demonstrating elements.
  3. All videotaping must be done from the boards.
  4. Skaters who are not current with their fees will not be allowed on the ice, per VFSC Bylaws.
  5. Skaters who have not signed the liability waiver will not be allowed on the ice.
  6. Skaters who are not current USFS members will not be allowed on the ice during club ice.
  7. Please leave the ice promptly when the Zamboni doors opens for resurfacing and/or buzzer sounds.
  8. Ice Monitor/Admission concerns should be addressed to a VFSC Board Member for resolution.

Any grievances should be brought to the VFSC Board of Directors.