VFSC Membership

Membership is open to all skaters who have passed the Basic 8 level. Our calendar year runs from July 1st to June 30th.


There are several pieces to the Membership puzzle.  Each described briefly below. Refer to the Member Agreement paperwork found on the Forms and Contracts section of the website.

Benefits of Membership

  • Full, yearly membership in the USFS
  • Official USFS Membership Card/I.D.
  • Yearly subscription to "Skating" magazine, the official USFS publication
  • Skater can test and compete at USFS test sessions and competitions
  • The right to participate in yearly VFSC activities and parties
  • One parent/guardian is a yearly voting member of the VFSC
  • Adults may become members of the Board of Directors

Membership Types

There are several different Membership options to choose from:

  • Full Membership - $110.00 first skater/$45.00 each additional skater per family
  • Introductory Membership- $55.00 first year skaters only (only available to those who have never been a member of USFS)
  • Associate Member- $50.00 membership to VFSC only
  • Coaching Member -$45.00 membership to VFSC (fee waived for current year if coach has attended a majority (4 out of 6) of the coaches meetings during the previous membership year)
  • Collegiate Membership -$80.00 1st year/$10.00 – Each additional year (up to 3 years)

Ice Contracts

While Membership fees include access to Club Ice times, they DO NOT include the ice fees.  The fees VFSC collects for ice time do not fully cover the cost charged by the rinks.  Those additional costs are covered by fundraising and donations.

  • Individual "Ice Contracts" are purchased by period
  • We have several different options
    • Unlimited rate contract
    • Also, can buy ice time per period priced 'by the session' based on per minute rate
    • Approx. session rates =  days/times vary depending on seasonal ice availability.
    • Walk-on is $20/session for non-members, $18/session for VFSC Members.


Coaches fees are separate expenses and must be arranged directly with the Coach of your choosing.

  • Average rates in our area range $30-50/hour.
  • Private lessons typically run in 10-20 minute increments per ice session and can be conducted during Club Ice times (open practice usually makes up the remaining time during contracted ice sessions).

Other Membership Requirements/Commitments

  • Must keep dues/USFS membership current for each contract period skated
  • Proper liability waivers must be signed
  • Follow proper skating etiquette for safety and well-being of all participants (Rules of Conduct)
  • Volunteer Hours – 25 hours is required per family (10 Volunteer hours are required for Associate members; 15 Volunteer hours are required for Introductory members)
    • 8 hrs. @ Jan. competition/test (at the actual event)
    • 8 hrs. @ May ice show (at the actual event)
    • also each family is required to contribute 3 volunteer hours to Appleton Family Ice Center and 2 hours to Tri-County Ice Arena - ** this is IN ADDITION to the 25 hour requirement to the Club **
  • Mandatory Fundraising Commitment of $150 per family ($75 for Introductory members)
  • Business Size Ad required in either the Ice Show Program or the Competition Program (not required for Introductory members)
  • Members may buy out volunteer time for $500 annually